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About Us



The Crew

Pegasus Safety and Rescue has been serving the Canadian market for nearly 10 years. Many of our techs have served in the Canadian Armed Forces, Police Agencies, Fire Service, Search and Rescue Organizations and the Canadian Coast Guard. With years of building skills and training our staff set Pegasus apart from many other Rescue Organizations.


Safety Solutions

For the past 10 years we have provided TV and Film Productions around the globe with solutions to working in dangerous environments. Providing Risk Assessments and Safety/Rescue plans to keep all the production crew and cast safe. Our staff have also provided professional consultation on many productions along with Special Skilled Extras, Stunt Personnel, Divers, Boat Operators, Underwater Camera Operators, and Professional Safety Riggers.


Not only are our staff top notch, so is the gear and equipment we use and supply to many productions over the years. Our fleet of boats from small zodiac ribs, to large dive boats, and pontoon boats with upper drone platform, give productions endless possibilities while filming on or in the water. 

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