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Production Safety and Medical Staff


Our Staff at Pegasus have years of service as First Responders with Local Police, Fire and Emergency Medical services. When your Production needs a medic to take care of your crew and high value cast, consider using our team of experts to take care of your needs. Not only are our medics professionally trained and experienced, they are also certified safety officers, to assist with all kinds of Production safety concerns and address those needs.

Paramedic Filling a Questionnaire
Paramedic Filling a Questionnaire


Our on set medics are certified to a minimum EMR rating. On staff we do have several Advanced Care Paramedics and Aero-flight Medical staff in case of high risk days, when a more extensive medically trained staff member may be required. 


Our team has several Medical Instructors on staff, and we conduct annual recertification training to keep our skills current and share our experiences with the team on recent scenarios we have come upon to elaborate on what if scenarios.

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